#FirstLineFriday: The Christmas Ranch

We’re one week away from release day, so I thought I’d participate in this week’s #FirstLineFriday. In The Christmas Ranch, I wanted to get the message across that my heroine, Megan, is new to Texas. Here’s how the book starts:

If Megan passed another “Don’t Mess with Texas” sign, she was going to scream.

So, do you think this line gets the intended message across?

Megan, a New York journalist, is new to Hill Country, Texas and she has to drive hours to get to her destination, The Christmas Ranch. Used to living in the City, where everything is at her fingertips, driving for such a long time is not easy for her. But, don’t worry, she soon falls in love with Texas, among other things. (ahem — Brody Blackstone — ahem).

I’ve lived in Texas for four years and whenever I cross the state lines back into Texas, I get excited to see the “Don’t Mess with Texas” signs. I already feel the Texas pride as if I were a true-born Houstonian.

The slogan is actually based on a littering campaign, but many proud Texans take the slogan to a whole new level. What do you think? Is it too far?

I hope you enjoy reading The Christmas Ranch. It releases on Friday, December 13! Don’t miss it and ….