Book Events/Festivals I’d Love to Go to Someday: #TopTenTuesday

Welcome back to #TopTenTuesday hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl! Today I will share which events and festivals I’d love to visit someday!

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  1. RWA – This has been the number one event I’ve dreamed of going to. Romance Writers of America has been my go-to since I started writing back in early 2000’s.
  2. ACFW – Of course, the be-all-end-all of Christian Fiction conferences is a definite dream. I’m sure I could learn much and meet up with so many great friends!
  3. Book Expo America in NYC – First of all, I have a love for NYC, so just the fact that this expo is in NYC … ahem, yes!!!! But this is a great expo for anyone in the publishing world.
  4. Texas Book Festival – This one isn’t so far from home (in Austin) and I almost went last year. Now, I regret not going. It’s now virtual this year, so we shall see.
  5. Book Lovers Con – This year it’s in Nashville! How fun! This conference is the old RT conference and I’d love to be there!
  6. Indie Book Fest – This year it’s in Orlando — or was to be in Orlando.
  7. Starfish Writer’s Conference – Every year, I mark my calendar and then get so busy with work. It is literally around the corner from me (only 15 min. drive). I guess the introvert in me is making excuses, but one day I WILL GO!
  8. Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference – I’ve heard so many great things about this one!
  9. Re:Write Conference – Held in Austin, so it’s doable. It’s supposed to be a small boutique conference, which I’m sure I’ll like.
  10. She Speaks Conference – A huge conference covering speaking, writing and ministry for women. What fun!

Have you attended any of these conferences/events? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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